Meet The Team


HORQUIM strives to have the best possible team in terms of technical knowledge, market focus and customer interaction skills. Only an extremely well prepared team can perform with excelence. And we believe we have it. The biggest proof of that is the simple fact that we are a source of highly skilled people. In fact, people that started at HORQUIM are today working for companies like Benneton, Evonik or Huntsmann, just to name a few. 

Gilberto Marinho

Founder & CEO


Started his carrier at Solvay Portugal, moving afterwards to Hoechst and then to Rohm and Haas (today Dow Coating Materials). Founded Horquim in 1982 to handle the R&H distribution for  non key accounts. Almost 40 years experience in the chemicals business for all  markets in Portugal.


Tel: +351 229 670 982  


Rui Marinho

Sales Manager


Polymer engineer and MBA in International Trade. Working at the family company since 1985. 

Direct sales responsibility for plastics, rubber and hot-melt adhesives markets.


GSM: +351 939 670 011

Helena Veiga

Coatings Department Manager​


Chemical Engineer. For 15 years covering the business of former R&H and other coatings products. Several trainings at many principals, including several at R&H labs in France. Working for more than 10 years with emulsions and additives for the coatings and construction markets. Responsible for the Iberian market with direct sales responsibility for Spain and southern Portugal .


GSM: +351 939 670 010

Rita Gouveia

Technical Sales - Coatings 


Chemical Engineer. Started at Horquim’s lab in a customer support role, moving to sales in the coatings  and construction markets. Covering  Northern Portugal and Spain.


GSM: +351 939 674 006

Emilia Costa

Textile Department Manager​


Chemical Engineer with 25 years experience on the dyeing and finishing textile business. Responsible for all sales activities into the dye house, textile finishing and non –woven markets, as well as liquid adhesives and detergents.


GSM: +351 939 670 006

José Ricardo

Technical Sales - Textile Printing 


Responsible for the sales and technical support in the textile printing market since 2000.


GSM: +351 939 674 008

Back Office Support 


Marco Marinho - Administration and Accounting


Alice Soares - Sales Support and Documentation
GSM: + 351 939 670 012

GSM: + 351 939 670 001